Offering Link Building – What You Should Know

Everyone knows what link building is nowadays (well, at least those who need it in their business), and everyone knows that it’s not difficult to do it right – but there are lots of intricacies which can potentially improve your results and thus they’re important to learn as soon as possible. If you’re thinking of offering a link building service for a fee, that’s a great idea – but also one that should be considered carefully before you’ve made your final decision.

First, starting out successfully is good but you shouldn’t rest on that success for too long – the nature of link building dictates a need for constant change and adaptation, so you’ll have to learn new tricks and explore what else you can do to provide your clients with a better service. Here are some ideas for tricks to boost the traffic of whatever campaign you’re promoting:

Blog comments – one of the simplest original forms of link building tends to be rather ignored today, but it can be just as effective as everything else when done right. Link building through blog comments has to be approached carefully – treat others’ blogs with respect and don’t post simple spam to get that link of yours posted – try to have some quality input.

Direct approach – if you’re running a smaller operation, it can be worthwhile to contact the people who follow your links and offer them things that may potentially interest them. This depends on what you’re promoting and if you have enough products in different niches which can be mixed with each other, but it’s usually a successful tactic.

Get readers involved – if a person feels that their opinion is important, that makes them much more likely to share it. Surveys are the perfect example of clever link building disguised as genuine interest – but of course, use the results of those surveys like you should and actually improve the service you’re providing if you’re relying on this method.

Contests – this is something for those with a more established link building service who can afford a bit of risk every now and then. If you organize a contest you can attract many people really fast – especially if you properly use the various social bookmarking services out there like Facebook and Twitter. Of course, holding a contest is tricky business that involves picking a prize that reflects your potential profits from this contest well enough, and this is where many link builders tend to fail by overestimating their profits.

On the other hand, there are some things you should absolutely avoid doing in your link building service – partly because they will degrade your efficiency, and partly because they’re simply wrong. For example, any form of spam is a no-go and should be avoided at all costs. In addition, never promote links through false promises – if you’re using a promise to bring people to your website, stick to it to the end. This will actually build a solid reputation for you and while that may not be worth much now, it will pay off in the long run!

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